Vertical Artistic Pebble Mosaik


White, Black, Beige, Yellow, Red, Green, Gray

Application Forms

1. Application on site

One the spots of aplication are being established withing the architectural projets, the drawing design is being realised by means of computer supports. The 1/1 moulds of the drawings are being produced and spread over the aplication ground. Later, the pabble stone are being one by one arrenged in a row. The hardening process is followed by the cleaning phase and the fastening paste in then being applied. Over a surface of square meter 1 are being applied some 2.700 - 3.750 pebble. The stones being used as pabble mosaic are carrying their natural colour and shape and are being collected and sellected one by one as they been for the last 6000 years. And as the last process, they are being arranged also one by one manually.

2. Application over net

This method is relaised through vertically applyingyhe pebble stones over a net. It is being preferred within lowmeasurement projects abroad as far as slopy and vertical locations are concerned. The aplication depth is 3 cm above the specified ground level.

Application Areas

Inner /  Outher Spaces: Amid Floorings such as ceramics, granite, marble and travertine,Maybe applied to cenral halls, lounges; or as borders or hearts of structer around pools, landing stairs, balconies, terraces, gardens; as well as in the contour of gardens ' flowers ' field and meadowsi on walking paths , in parking lots, within the garage as well as on slopy and vertical spots.